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by TiMo

by TiMo is a Norway-based label founded in 2004 by Tine Mollat.   The brand is ethical and sustainable and specializes in romantic and vintage inspired dresses and blouses.  Colors and prints are unique and made in-house, ensuring an exclusive finish.  

byTiMo has grown to be one of Scandinavia's leading brands and can be found at more than 700 stores worldwide.

Soia & Kyo

 SOIA & KYO was founded in 2004 by creative director, Ilan Elfassy, with the belief that beauty is found in simplicity, in turn, creating masterful outerwear that is luxurious in materials with a contemporary, timeless signature style that speaks for itself. SOIA & KYO’s story began in Montreal, with its unique tailored styling for women. Today, it is a global brand, which caters to both Men and Women alike.  Soia & Kyo collections have expanded throughout North America, abroad and at SOIAKYO.COM. 

SOIA & KYO continues to push the envelope with a modern, timeless aesthetic and effortless style. The brand is committed to being the ultimate luxury brand for simple and refined outerwear.


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R.G. Kane

After graduating Parsons and working alongside Raquel Allegra and Rosetta Getty, Robert Kane created R.G. Kane. The brand consists of uniquely-detailed pieces that are crafted with luxury (and a bit of rebellion) in mind. The collection’s mantra of ‘harmonious contradiction,’ is captured in its playful use of themes such as menswear vs. womenswear, classic vs. artistic, and casual vs. polished. These design elements give the line its signature look and allow it to be worn completely differently, embracing personal style.

With sustainability more important than ever, the brands first collection includes re-worked vintage tees and sweatshirts; woven tops, and denim pieces made using ecologically responsible fibers, dead stock, or unused fabric programs. Almost every piece in the collection is unique and designed with inclusivity in mind, not subscribing to a specific gender.

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Plush Apparel

Plush Apparel launched in 2009 to fill a void in the market for fleece-lined hosiery. The line has expanded to include all categories of accessories from beanies, scarves, mittens and gloves, to ponchos, leggings, thigh highs and tights.

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BTB Los Angeles is the embodiment of travel and a jet-setting lifestyle. Our bags are for the free-spirited, boho chic woman who loves to explore the world. Take our pieces from the beach to the city and anywhere in between. 

 Whether she’s walking the beaches of Mykonos or exploring the streets and markets of Marrakech, the BTB woman has confidence and effortless style. Designed with the BTB woman in mind, our signature straw totes were just the beginning of our expansive brand.