South Parade is a contemporary lifestyle brand offering Street Chic Luxury
apparel and accessories. Inspired by pop culture and modern streetwear, it
creates casual and simple silhouettes for a laid back yet sophisticated
customer. Basic shapes such as t-shirts or your every day sneaker get
jazzed up through the kaleidoscopic lens of the South Parade brand.
While living in London, Spanish and Italian duo, Tania San Miguel and
Lorenzo Stefanini, came together to create South Parade with a clear idea
in mind: offer great quality pieces with an edgy but chic approach. After
years of working for luxury designers such as Burberry, Ferragamo, Pucci
and Tom Ford, the designer duo were keenly aware of the importance of
higher quality garments and accessories, and the need for this in the
contemporary market. This emphasis for great craftsmanship, and their
European sophisticated approach mixed with their passion for street style
came together to create the essence of South Parade.