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by TiMo

by TiMo is a Norway-based label founded in 2004 by Tine Mollat.   The brand is ethical and sustainable and specializes in romantic and vintage inspired dresses and blouses.  Colors and prints are unique and made in-house, ensuring an exclusive finish.  

byTiMo has grown to be one of Scandinavia's leading brands and can be found at more than 700 stores worldwide.

Soia & Kyo

 SOIA & KYO was founded in 2004 by creative director, Ilan Elfassy, with the belief that beauty is found in simplicity, in turn, creating masterful outerwear that is luxurious in materials with a contemporary, timeless signature style that speaks for itself. SOIA & KYO’s story began in Montreal, with its unique tailored styling for women. Today, it is a global brand, which caters to both Men and Women alike.  Soia & Kyo collections have expanded throughout North America, abroad and at SOIAKYO.COM. 

SOIA & KYO continues to push the envelope with a modern, timeless aesthetic and effortless style. The brand is committed to being the ultimate luxury brand for simple and refined outerwear.



Tony Bianco

Tony Bianco is Australia’s leading fashion footwear brand that recognises that being an individual is the essence of true style.

This fashion forward collection of shoes embodies the attitude of High street London and the spirit of Soho NY. It represents the perfect harmony of creative, cultural and on-trend infusions.

The Tony Bianco signature denotes a heightened focus on detail, superior quality and unique luxurious materials. The contemporary styling reigns supreme, inspiring and surprising with undertones of mystery. 

The Tony Bianco girl is a well-blended mix of street-smart modernist, epitomizing cool with an effortless ability to switch their looks day or night; from androgynous to glamour, vintage meets modern to everyday, street-luxe dressing.

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South Parade

South Parade is a contemporary lifestyle brand offering Street Chic Luxury
apparel and accessories. Inspired by pop culture and modern streetwear, it
creates casual and simple silhouettes for a laid back yet sophisticated
customer. Basic shapes such as t-shirts or your every day sneaker get
jazzed up through the kaleidoscopic lens of the South Parade brand.
While living in London, Spanish and Italian duo, Tania San Miguel and
Lorenzo Stefanini, came together to create South Parade with a clear idea
in mind: offer great quality pieces with an edgy but chic approach. After
years of working for luxury designers such as Burberry, Ferragamo, Pucci
and Tom Ford, the designer duo were keenly aware of the importance of
higher quality garments and accessories, and the need for this in the
contemporary market. This emphasis for great craftsmanship, and their
European sophisticated approach mixed with their passion for street style
came together to create the essence of South Parade.

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Plush Apparel

Plush Apparel launched in 2009 to fill a void in the market for fleece-lined hosiery. The line has expanded to include all categories of accessories from beanies, scarves, mittens and gloves, to ponchos, leggings, thigh highs and tights.

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Sandrine Rose

Sandrine Rose is the epitome of relaxed luxury.  Showcased through the brand’s effortless silhouettes and distinct embroidery, each piece has a timeless versatility ideal for everyday, all-day wear.  Sandrine Rose breathes personality and thoughtful craftsmanship. 

“Fusing the world of modern and vintage, Sandrine Rose Americanizes the French way of ~ less is definitely more”